Why Moms Should Go For A Beach Holiday Besides Their Kids

I am a mother who loves traveling with my girl’s gang leaving my wheelchair child at home. This might sound shocking to many, but to some, it sounds too cool. And inspiring. 

Motherhood brings a lot of emotions. It brings fear. Fear of failing. Fear of new challenges. Fear of losing what we have. The stamping that society has for mothers is another challenge. Like our life is driven by our children’s life. How can a mother leave a child and go out alone? And to mothers with special needs children, society’s interpretation is even worse. 

But more than what society thinks of us, we give the thoughts ourselves. We frame a wall of questions. Will the father be able to handle the child in my absence? What will my in-laws think of me? What if my cries in my absence? 

A mother’s mind is filled with so many questions? Right from who will cook in her absence to who will take care of my child. 

Many mothers want to take that break and holiday without the child. But we compromise on our emotions. Most of the time we don’t even form an opportunity. How will that happen? or let it be, maybe next time is our common excuse. 

It is that time when you need a friend. Who tells you that everything is going to be fine in your absence. You are not going permanently for a holiday, it is just a break. There is no next time. These moms-only holidays are part of your annual calendar. 

All I know is if I can plan my day well, live my relationship well, fulfill my duties, and love my child. Then I deserve what I want to do for myself. My passion is backed up by a solid plan. This me-time is another element of my busy schedule.

This time, I took ownership of taking my mom’s only gang to Goa in India.

While everyone had already visited Goa many times with family or friends. This trip was unique which we don’t experience with our spouses and especially children.

While Goa is about beaches, Goa for us was for partying and discovering our own selves. This trip was beyond making sand castles. 

How we planned the Moms only Trip:

1. Setting a date

Our biggest challenge was to bring everyone on a set date. It was a long weekend, and everyone wanted to plan with families. Before the family sets up a plan, we planned 3 months way ahead and blocked the date in much advance.

2. Finding backups.

The second challenge was for everyone to settle the family and children in their absence. While some relied on their husband, and some called their parents home. A little bit of melodrama here and there, but everyone found their own way. 

3. Financial Clarity

The clarity in finances and budget made everyone at ease. We collectively booked a villa and stayed in a five-star last night. We shared the large plan while sharing the news with the gang. Therefore the expectations were clear.

4. Stay Shhh.

We decided not to invite anyone and everyone. There needed to be like-minded people on the trip. And we enjoy it more than getting into any catfight.

5. Book in advance.

As this trip was planned way in advance. we booked the flights early and got good deals too. Now the dates are set everyone in the family had to move around it and not otherwise.

Our mom’s only gang was all set to roll in Goa. No Saas Bahu gossip but discover your own space, time, and freedom.

We were a group of nine moms who joined from different cities. Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Nepal. Every woman was unique and they added a punch to make this cocktail trip. Akansha knew Goa to the core like she was born and raised there. And Dikshita was a style guide to us. Diksha and Megha, our very own Instagrammer pulled out the best reels. And Nikita, Sapna, Komal kept adding a sense of humor to the trip. Neeru was a newbie but she never felt she doesn’t know anyone. And I was the budget control, ensuring we do as we have planned. 

Our day itinerary in Goa:

Day 1: We landed at goa airport in the afternoon, took a rental self-drive car from the airport, and headed to Panjim.

We had lunch at Thalassa, the ambiance and the food were great and the drinks were equally bad. We loaded our cars with drinks, chips, and Mcdonald’s munchkins.

Day 1 Afternoon: Our Moms only gang was way too excited to catch the boat for the Private yacht party. We had already booked a yacht from Yacht Club. We played our own music and danced on the deck. Our playlist from yaaro doston to rafta rafta retro mix, we were fire on the ocean. The pictures taken were spectacular gelling with our floral-themed dresses. This two hours sundowner party welcomed our gang to the spirits of Goa. 

Day 1 Evening: We took our cars and headed to the villa to check in and refresh. 

Where we stayed in Goa:

We had taken a private villa on Candolim through Airbnb. Saga Villa is a beautiful property with not so heavy on pockets for a big gang. It had 4 Rooms, a large living room, and a big kitchen with all amenities.

“Code Black”, Diksha shouted. The girls in room one had declared we are heading to Club Sinq and the dress code is a black party. This is what makes the moms-only trip exciting, we go back to hostel days and share our clothes and makeup. and try to stay within the theme. 


Day 1 Night: Club Sinq is an okayish spot to party. If you don’t get a place somewhere else and you have your own gang then Sinq is good enough. The master of all clubs was kept for our next night. We partied all night. Some crashed on their beds, and some gossiped till late. 

Day 2 Morning: We went to Baga beach, and chilled at the shacks. The market in the area is lovely. Many of us were leaving our toddlers for the first time and going out so they loved shopping for cute little toys, bags, and dresses for them. 

Day 2 Night: After spending an awesome day at the beach, we headed to the best place in town for partygoers. Hammerz is a luxurious nightclub with an experience that gave us goose bump. 

An elegant place offering a state-of-the-art dancefloor, unmatched lighting, top-notch sound and music from some of the best in the industry, and a rooftop restaurant serving exceptional delicacies. 

We danced the night away. Stopped at the tea point late at night and headed to our villa. 

Day 3 Morning: The cook bhaiya rang the bell at 7.30am. No one knows which kind of soul woke up to open the door. But we had yummilicious Choley Bhature for breakfast ready by 9am. We were all excited to head to our W resort at Vagator. 

Dressed up in all whites. We all looked like fairy angels. Not the tooth fairy anymore who keeps chocolate for a tooth under the pillow. Mom’s only trip gives you a feeling to discover what is inside you. The explored territories. The open-mindedness. The path that is not yet discovered. 

What a grand welcome by Team W Marriot hotel with fireworks candles and a chocolatey cake. W hotel has rooms with a patio and balcony. The room had a large bathroom for ladies like us, who needed more time in the tub to relax and curl our hair in peace (literally, with no mommyyy sound around).    

Later in the afternoon we spent playing volleyball in the pool and watched the sunset at their state-of-the-art rock pool. 

The evening was well thought out for pub hopping at Vagator. Starter at one place, drinks at other, main course at the third pub, and wine chuski in the fourth. This is the liberty we experienced with our mom’s only gang. 

Last day, we check out with a large spread of breakfast at W Hotel and bid goodbyes to our friends at the airport. The trip must have ended but we were carrying the life memories. Stories to tell to our families. Reels to share on our Instagram. And self – discovery. 

Hope you loved reading our story! Now go ahead and plan your next moms only trip. 

Your Friend,

Chesta Jain


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