This blog is about how I feel that a holiday for a mother is different from everyone in the family. It talks about the typical Indian mindset of enjoying a holiday. I have also shared my experiences with a visit to Chakrata (Uttrakhand – India) on an off-beat plan with many other moms.  

I love to travel. Most of us do. But how do you travel mostly?

Travel with family? Official travels? Family friends? 

But have you traveled solo or with random people? Or with your same community of moms? Have you gathered a bunch of similar set of mindset people and told them just to pack their bag, make some bookings, and phew you guys leave? 

Well, I do that. I have done everything that I posted above. And yes, most of them were after becoming a mother. 

Most of the moms that I meet have only traveled with their families. Or a couple of families joined together which they consider it to be traveling with friends. 

But does this satisfy you enough?

I understand that it’s fun, but does this satisfy your deep desires? The craziness you want to explore, the peace you want to experience, the adrenal rush you want to experience, and the moments you can keep for a lifetime. 

Is this a ‘holiday’ or only trip for you?

To me, family holidays are fun. But the best ones are the ones that I plan for people who are like me – who are mommies and who feel that they traveled a lot but still haven’t felt it as a ‘holiday’. 

When we travel with our family or family friends, we are still living under the pressure of ensuring the child eats properly, an extra layer of clothes are packed for everyone, some food is handy, water bottles are filled, snacks are adequate, luggage is properly packed as per the checklist and so many things around. Our mind is surrounded by too many things and how possibly can one feel it as a ‘holiday’. 

So, one day I was browsing some places to visit and hit my keys on Chakrata. I got sold immediately seeing the site because it was my type of place – off-beat and not many people go there. But I wanted to feel it as a ‘holiday’. So I gathered some more moms and pushed them to go for this trip. Some gave office excuses, some gave family and child excuses but we all had this ‘desire’ to feel a holiday. So cutting the crap, and making it crispy clear – I set down a plan, made an itinerary, and rolled it. 

Read more about Chakrata here

Our plan from scratch to go to Chakrata, India

We realized that we can spare very limited time for this trip, so we need to plan very very efficiently. Because our families are not used to living without us. So we worked out the costs and decided to save time on the road. We got a decent deal on a flight from New Delhi to Dehradun. It’s a short flight of 35 minutes. And we booked a cab from Dehradun to Chakrata which took some 4 hours but we lost count of the time because the roads and valley were so beautiful. 

If this already excites you, and you are planning to visit Chakrata, you can see the guide here. 

But hold on to your horses. Because I am going to tell you – 

Why every mom must-visit Chakrata?

1. Hear the sound in silence 

Chakrata is a valley surrounded by deodar trees. And when you are tired of the noise in your life, all you should do is Om Chant. But now you are thinking that you want to do it, you know that you should do it but you don’t get time or proper space. The answer is Chakrata! The entire town is so peaceful that you can just sit anywhere on the side and just sit in silence. 

No, you don’t have to learn the art of meditation. I am not a meditation guru. But just sit in silence. And when you sit in silence, you hear the sound. The sound that is lost in the noise. The sound of birds, the wind, the dried leaves, some water flowing, and the sounds of you – your body – your breath. 

2. You relearn at eco-houses 

In school we all heard about renewable energy and that it is great. But how many of us have experienced it – a solar bulb, water geyser with coal, naturally insulated houses, etc. 

Sounds interesting right! We stayed in green eco canvas village and they have it all. Everything was only raw and therefore it was taking more time. We felt slowing down in life is sometimes so enjoyable. 

The local lemon tea in the morning made it more pleasant. 

3. Stargazing is art too

We do see stars, trying to map the constellations at times or just stop the brightest one. But have you ever felt that you are part of that universe above? Like you are the center of it and the stars are flooded around you in a 3D form. 

Stargazing is an art and you can experience it there. Don’t stand and strain your neck, just lie down anywhere and look at the sky in the dark. We lied on a cliff-top on the deep edge of it, surrounded in the shadow of tall deodar trees and feeling the universe around us. 

4. Trekking not your cup of tea?

Do you think trekking is not your cup of tea? Then this one is for sure. Chakrata’s buddher cave trek is moderate and not too steep which doesn’t stop you to make a try. 

And when you reach the top, it has a well-manicured green landscape where you can relax and feel the wind on your face. Isn’t it also a great opportunity to shed some calories?

5. Discover in the darkness 

When you reach the top of the buddher cave, you can have some lunch that you packed in your backpacks and head to the cave. It’s a small dark hole that you have to enter. And it is the time to fight with your fears – Your fear of darkness. Don’t worry you can open your flashlights inside. But when you are inside, just stay there for some time – frozen – unmoved, and then what do you see? 

6. Adrenal rush makes you young

Given an option of high-heels or sports shoes, which one would you choose? I am asking this for you to think does sports shoes gives a kick to you? When you think of sports shoes does it make you feel you are going to get into some adventure? 

No matter you are adventurous or not. Water rappling is a must-try adventure sports activity. It’s easy yet makes you fight your fears and gives you the thrill. The adrenal rush in your veins will make you feel younger. After becoming mothers, we become very protective. So now is the time to pump yourself!  

7. Flush out your mind

A Mind is a machine. And mom’s multi-tasking ability makes this machine even more complicated. But every machine needs a reboot. You can reboot your brain under the harsh pressure of a waterfall. Tiger waterfall is one of the strongest waterfalls in India. I bet a 30 second under the straight line of this waterfall will unwind the wires of your brain. You truly need that. 

So come on mommies, get out of your shelters, and plan a ‘Holiday’. Yes! the first holiday of your life. 

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Your friend,

Chesta Jain


I am a Delhi-ite, now a Gurgaon-ite (India) for more than a decade and a half. I have worked in corporates as a Brand Manager with some well-named companies. But at the peak of my career, I left and turned into a full-time mom.

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