Sunnyside up! Tips to leading a happy life effortlessly

This blog is a summation of my attempts to live an effortless joyful life. It has some of the formulas that I apply to stay happy. I have not just shared some thoughts but also how I put them to use in my life. 

Do you think living life in autopilot mode is better or worse? Autopilot doesn’t mean living a boring and usual life. It means simplifying your mind with some tactics. And when we simplify our mind, we get space to think about what better we can do in our life. And that’s the FIRST STEP.

Our mind is the only processor we have. From planning the smallest job like cleaning desk to a major mission of starting a venture, it does everything for us. But the onus is on to use this machine efficiently. 

Here is some of the approach that I follow and tips for you to implement in your life. 

  1. Getting to the positive emotions

How many emotions do you think you have gone through in your entire life? Stop reading here and just count it on your fingers. Well, Abraham – Hicks has stated 22 emotional states of mind. Were you even close to this figure? If not then it’s good for you. You are sorted. But believe me, if you counted more, then I must say your life has been a rollercoaster ride. 

TIP – Plot your emotions on this graph, and try to move towards top right. Each step at a time. Be honest with yourself. Think of all the instances of your life and see how you moved. Try to come out of the negative cycles. You may read more about it here. 


You can also test your personality here to know more about your own self. (

(graph image)

Do it my way – If negative thoughts come my way,  I simply do CTRL + ALT + DEL, evenmessages so that it cannot reappear inadvertently. That’s how I try to have more good around me and keep bad away. 

  1. Keep your mind clutter-free

Why do some people drive rashly – trying to reach office on time, rush back home? A mind is a machine and it has downtimes too. We have 10s of thoughts crossing our minds every second. Oh! I have to submit that report, clear the vendor payment, free some space in my phone…Oh damn, I need to plan the guestlist for my kid’s birthday party. Our mind is constantly firing thoughts.

I know this because I was one of them. Because I had allowed my brain to create clutter. Our mind is like a naughty innocent child, and we need to tame it properly to keep it clutter-free. Simplify your life by simplifying your mind

TIP – Make a to-do list. It can be short goals, long goals, and immediate goals. Categorize them – Home, Family, Personal, Work, Self, Community. Now group the jobs to increase efficiency. Like, when I am making my child do her homework, check my emails along. Do all small jobs together.

Do it my way – I don’t check phones frequently. It’s mostly on silent mode. I have fixed time for calling my family and friends, and revert on all messages altogether twice a day. And close friends and family have an emergency number. Sunday is a family activity day, and Saturday is to myself. The crisp clear schedule has set everyone’s expectations around me well. 

  1. Follow the schedule

“I don’t get time” is the common excuse we hear. But if you break it down into a schedule then we know what you want to cover and when to cover it. The schedule need not be the same for every day otherwise it may become boring. 

TIP – Let’s say, Week 1 – 7am (Mon, Wed, Fri) can have yoga classes. And (Tues, Thur) can be reading a chapter of a book that you were long waiting for. Every 2nd Saturday of the month, you meet a friend or a new person. And you will feel that you are not missing the fun in your life just because you don’t get time. 

Do it my way – I have fixed a schedule to play sports, meditate, take nap, spend time with my child, write a blog, promote my blog, chat with friends, salon visit, upgrading the home, meet my parents, and meet new people. This has set everyone in my circle set their expectations accordingly. Even my seven-year-old child knows when to look for ‘mumma’ and when to do things herself. My passion is part of my schedule

  1. Sit in silence andReboot yourself

I was one of you who felt that they cannot meditate and that mediation may be boring. But ‘Awkwardness is the measure of new learning’. And once you fight that awkwardness then it gets into our subconscious mind and we tend to enjoy it. Remember how difficult it was to drive the car? And now you just do it without even straining your mind. 

TIP- Our lizard brain wants stability and stops us to change and grow. We need to stop listening to our lizard brain. A five-minute silence helps us recap everything. Fix a schedule and sit in silence – anywhere – when you arrive in a parking lot, traveling in a metro, after your workouts in the gym, in the kitchen after cooking. You control your brain and everything is a ‘right space’. 

Do it my way – When I close my eyes I find it difficult to breathe in and breathe out for long. I play a piece of soft music on my phone. And with my eyes closed look at myself, what Chesta is doing, what small achievements she made yesterday/ today, was she upset or happy, what made her feel that way. I haven’t checked yet for how long my eyes were closed. And when I open my eyes I find that I was at a different place, at a noisy place, around too many people. But that silence in my mind took me to a completely peaceful and quiet place – my place. 

  1. Don’t let people affect you– I had never played any sports in my life. Not even in school. And when we got married, I asked my husband who is a pro in tennis to teach me tennis. He tried a couple of times and then he said, “Chesta, you are good with Dance and Drama. Maybe you should just try that and not sports”. 

But one fine day a friend handed me over a badminton racket and asked me to play with her. I was really bad. But I kept on playing. Because I wanted to break the mindset. And now I play for two hours at an academy, and I am still not very good. But I have evolved and I know that I can be good with sports too. 

Now, this is my Objective Truth, that something is true irrespective of people’s opinion. And your mind should not be affected by what people say, not even your close family. 

TIP – try to find seek your Objective truth through experimenting. If someone tells you that you cannot lose weight, experiment with it and see for yourself your potential. Test out a small business from home and see for yourself if you make some money, instead of listening to people that you can’t. 

Do it my way – I have committed to myself that I will lead a happy life. I have put a filter in my mind now, which processes what I want to do in life, and not what people think I can do or not. But if there is something good that people think that I am good with, I test it out and see the results. Writing inspirational blogs was one of these test experiments. 

 Does this inspire you enough? Now take a paper not write down three things that you commit to yourself, today – right now! And put it in a place where you see it most of the time. See the results in the next 10 days and you will know if that has added a feather to your cap of a happy life. 

I would love to know what you wrote on that paper in the comment below. 

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Your Friend,

Chesta Jain


I am a Delhi-ite, now a Gurgaon-ite (India) for more than a decade and a half. I have worked in corporates as a Brand Manager with some well-named companies. But at the peak of my career, I left and turned into a full-time mom.

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