I am a woman! And I am proud of it. 

Being a woman was not by choice. I just got it. But what made me a woman? And why I am so proud of it? In this article, I have written down my experiences to discover my womanhood through my life experiences. 

But Who made me a woman? 

God? My genetic chromosomes? 

Well, today when I sit back, I see myself. Like how a CCTV camera constantly looks at something…

Without a pause…

without a judgment…

without making an interpretation…

I feel I am been made a woman by the environment I live in. The culture I live in. The people I grew up with. The things that I am supposed to do. 

So what made me a woman?

The worries of my mother made me a woman.

The reservation seat on the metro that I travel to made me a woman.

The pressure of getting married at the right age made me a woman. 

Leaving my career at its peak made me a woman.

Waking up every hour to soothe my baby made me a woman. 

Am I telling you a sob story? No! That’s not what I intend to do. I am just telling you the facts. As I said like a CCTV, without any judgment and interpretation. 

So what is so great about being a woman that I am proud of?

1. I am proud of the fact that I can multitask much better. I can manage my work, home, and my own passions altogether. It may not be done perfectly, but it is still appreciated. 

And I am not saying it, while I was driving my Creta to take my daughter to her classes, I made her eat by my hands, screamed at her to eat fast, managed the google maps, giving approvals on the creatives to my team members, and also checked out that a new departmental store is now open on that road. And this is just one of the situations. 

2. I am proud of my ability to showcase a stern mother throughout the day, and yet transform into a soft-hearted mom by bedtime. I have to be stern with my daughter to eat her meals fast, write neatly, and limit screen time which makes her really upset. But when I put her to bed we hug tightly and talk how wonderful our day was.  

3. I am proud of my emotions. And they are varied in all length and breadth. I may be really upset with something but I still laugh with my child. Not every time. But quite a lot. 

4. I am proud of the comeback of my career, and not just once, but more. Because with a break my potential does not die. Rather I am more toned, more polished, and smart. And any smart person can do any work more smartly. 

5. I am proud that I drive safely, even when I keep hearing from men that women are not good drivers. But any safe driver is a good driver I presume. And I never saw women behind the wheel in a car crash. And yes, I taught driving to my husband J

6. I am proud that I am aging well. And that’s not only because women are like wine. But because I need to take care of my health and body. Because a fit body keeps me charged up for the entire day and I can do everything that I told you till now. 

7. I am proud that I am a quick learner and a varied learner. While I have been seeing boys that I know playing sports since their early years and still doing the same thing. However, after learning about many other extracurriculars. I picked up learning badminton in my late thirties and doing pretty well. 

This is not research work. I am not quoting anyone here. This is me. This is my story. This is how I feel being a woman.

Now close your eyes and think of one woman you are proud of. Anyone. Not necessarily your family member or friend but anyone you would have ever known. It could be even someone from NASA or your domestic help. Reach out to her, just text her or call her or tag her and tell her that you are proud of her and why. Because she may not know but when you and other people will tell her, she would then know. And then even she would be proud of herself even more. 

Did I make you think what are you proud of? 

I would love to hear that from you in the comments section below. 

Do write to me at jain.chesta@gmail.com or drop a comment below.

Your friend,

Chesta Jain


I am a Delhi-ite, now a Gurgaon-ite (India) for more than a decade and a half. I have worked in corporates as a Brand Manager with some well-named companies. But at the peak of my career, I left and turned into a full-time mom.

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