What People say about me?

Chesta, you are one funny, crazy woman I met!

I was inspired by you to come forward and take this initiative!

You drive energies in me!

Family, child, workout, badminton, theatre, driving all around, taking the child to birthday parties, organizing trips, volunteering, doctor visits and so much..still you are always up for our ladies night out. 

You pulled out my real self! 

I can talk my heart out with you!

I feel so comfortable now!

If you are doing it, I am definitively in!

Lol, this can only be your mind I know!

Your stories go on and on. I wonder why are you silent today? Are you unwell?

People get comfortable with me and share their hearts out.

Everyone in this world has stories to tell, and everyone loves to read and listen to the stories. So, I thought of writing my own stories.

MY STORY: Corporate Suave lady to Inspirational Mother journey

It does feel like an interview question where you babble what you have already done dozens of times or more. But still, let me answer in my own way. 

I am a Delhi-ite, now a Gurgaon-ite (India) for more than a decade and a half. I have worked in corporates as a Brand Manager with some well-named companies. But at the peak of my career, I left and turned into a full-time mom. 

From laptop to nappies, from formal blazers to soiled pajamas; life totally turned, yet I enjoyed every part of it. But while I was enjoying this new flavor cake, life decided to top it up with a cherry. And I was a mom to a special-needs sweet little girl. 

Lucky we are, we will no more be living an ordinary life. And this will lead to some more inspiring stories from me that you might want to read. 

I do things that I never imagined I would do in my life. Many of you would relate to that. Being the laziest of all siblings, I never imagined that one day I would be doing extensive fitness, following a strict diet, learning Acroyoga, and touching 48kgs within one year of my child’s birth. 

I hardly played any sport, but now in my late thirties, I take regular classes to learn what I never thought I would ever do. It is my time when I learn every skill that I wished I could learn. 

It keeps me happy and focused to become why I was sent on this planet.