“mom-ming is about making your manual to life experiences.” – Chesta 

Hi, I am Chesta Jain!

My blog is about Travel & Motherhood. Why are the two together? They both are exciting, challenging, and require a lot of planning. 

Traveling for me hasn’t been about the destination, but it is the experiences that make me a confident person. 

A marketer turned into a blogger; my life has been quite exciting. I am raising my warrior princess, ‘Nishka’, born with Paraplegia that affects her mobility and various functioning of Neurons. 

Disability opened up the horizons to our new abilities. It made me learn how to make Nishka become a strong person. And how I can make my life invigorating so that many other parents get inspired. I learned to be patient and keep practicing, to think high and wide, to attempt that looked impossible, to rise again and restart, to spread joy, and never give a f*ck.  

This blog shares my emotions as a mother that you can connect with and our encouraging stories to give you a deep breath. 

You will love to admire my thrilling travel stories. I believe we explore the same destination differently with different sets of people traveling. Some trips for me are just lying down under the stars on a hilltop with my girlfriends, While others are giggling and rolling the wheelchair of my child on beach sidewalks. 

This blog is for every mother who wants to break free. So float on the clouds with my stories. The stories that inspire. The stories that connect. The stories that make you think about what you should be doing next!

I and our lovely Nishka are eagerly waiting to read your emails about how you feel about them. You can write to us at jain.chesta@gmail.com

About Nishka:

Born in 2013, Nishka was diagnosed with Spastic Paraplegia SPG56, a rare genetic disorder that affects her mobility primarily and various other mild conditions. She is a happy girl and social girl and is a favorite among her classmates. 

Nishka is an explorer. Despite her disabilities, Nishka loves to roll her wheelchair to new places and make new friends. Nishka, along with me and her dad lives in Gurgaon, India. 

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She shares her everyday life and hacks for mobility challenges. They are fun and inspiring.  

7 interesting facts about me:

  1. I am bad at sports since childhood, and to overcome that fear I took professional coaching in badminton at age of 37. 
  2. I lead, organize, and direct theatre for women-only production annually with a troupe of 15 passionate women delivering to an audience of 150 women.  
  3. I organize all women’s trips every year around India. 
  4. I run various campaigns for special needs awareness programs, education programs, and ecowarrior and waste segregation programs. 
  5. I am a people person. If you are with me, you can never get bored.
  6. I am a night bird and that is very clearly portrayed on my tattoo. 
  7. I can treat my cold by eating golgappas.